Why Now

Forming a new South Carolina-based health organization allows us the unique opportunity to respond to a challenging health care environment and keep our focus squarely on the health and well-being of patients and the communities we serve.


We have joined together from positions of strength to serve the people of South Carolina for generations to come. Our new company ensures a South Carolina-based organization will always be here for our patients.


We are committed to our region’s health care future through a mission-driven, not-for-profit health care solution. Numerous for-profit health systems, motivated by shareholder returns and high profit expectations, are shredding the health care safety net. We are driven by a desire to improve each patient’s experience, improve clinical quality, make our state healthier, address the rising cost of health care and treat everyone, regardless of ability to pay.


Factors unique to South Carolina, including the lack of access to care in rural areas, the need to expand investments in research and clinical training programs and overall poor health make the formation of a new, not-for-profit company focused on improving quality, availability and affordability of health care even more important.


As one health company – led by a diverse board of directors – we can improve health outcomes through better coordination of services across the care continuum. We are now uniquely positioned to deploy our collective resources and expertise to address critical public health issues – such as obesity, heart disease, smoking, mental health and other conditions – to keep more people well, while providing care for those who do become sick.