The Structure

Palmetto Health and Greenville Health System have agreed to create a new, not-for-profit, South Carolina health company designed to be among the best in the nation.


The boards have agreed to key elements of the new organization:

Team Members


The new organization will continue the traditions of both Palmetto Health and Greenville Health System of honoring team members through the common values of respect, integrity, diversity, compassion, dignity, teamwork, openness, and trust. Our plans call for overall growth of the combined organization as a new company which will be recognized as one of the leading health care employers in the country.



Greenville Health System and Palmetto Health medical staffs will increase collaboration over time, but we will not be combining the current medical staffs or clinically integrated networks. Palmetto Health and Greenville Health System will be responsible for their medical staffs’ credentials, privileges, and overseeing clinical quality. The medical staffs will work together when mutually beneficial.



Greenville Health System Chief Executive Officer Michael C. Riordan and Palmetto Health Chief Executive Officer Charles D. Beaman, Jr. will serve as co-CEOs of the newly created health company. Other senior leadership positions will be determined over time and they, with the co-CEOs, will comprise one senior leadership team for the new health company.




The new organization will be led by one board of directors.